Online Craps SA

Craps is a popular table game in South African casinos. A player throws two dice and gamblers attempt to guess the outcome.

Craps is a fast-paced, fun and demanding table game for South Africans.

How to Play Online Craps?

Here are some basic craps rules to give you an understanding of the game:

  • The shooter is the one who will roll the dice.
  • Each player rolls the dice.
  • The game begins with the first throw in the ‘come out roll’ phase.

For the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, a minimum bet is required.

  • Shooter rolls.
  • The game ends when the come out roll is a two or a three.
  • The player loses all Pass Line bets and the game ends.
  • If the come out roll is seven or 11, the game is over.
  • A 12 ties the game and finishes it.
  • A point number must be thrown for the game to go to the ‘point phase’. The points are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.
  • Pass Line bets lose when a seven is rolled during the point phase.

What are the Craps Bets?

The Pass Line Bets:

The shooter bet is the primary bet in online craps. Pass Line bet wins if shooter gets a 7 or 11. The bet loses on a two or three. If none of these numbers, except 12, the shooter rolls again. The wager wins if the player obtains a point number before a seven.

Don’t Pass Line Bets:

You are wagering against the dice in online craps. The Don’t Pass Line Bet pays even money, so you win the same amount you bet. They are similar to Flat Pass Line bets.

What is Craps?

The name derives from the French word for toad, crapaud. Craps got its name because people used to hunch over it.

Is online craps rigged?

Scan for regulated and registered online casinos to play casino games. The games are fair here. If unsure, check out our top picks.

How likely am I to win in online craps?

Your odds of winning are high if you understand that craps is a game of chance. So, how fortunate do you feel?

Can I practice online craps before wagering real money?

You can. You may play for free without spending any money. This mode is great for practicing online craps before you join a game.

Can I play online craps?

Shooter at online casinos. Yes. After establishing a point for a come bet,

I put the chips on the table to indicate I wish to bet?

No specific location. Tell the dealer to place your chips on odds.

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